Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Color Check


Broke the Pyrex dish this AM.
Consequences: one ruined rug, ehh, Spike had already puked all over it, one shattered Pyrex dish, minor cuts from cleaning up the glass shards, expecting plenty of "What exactly were you doing?"s. Nothing major. The way I have set the dish up for the shoots is pretty ridiculous anyway; Pyrex dish suspended between two chair backs, lit from underneath, me crawling around looking for various angles, tripod, an old mic stand covered in clamp lights. Luckily with this one I was shooting from above the dish, otherwise the camera would've taken a hit. So that's a good thing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Around Somerville

I've been staring through a Pyrex dish so long that I sort of forgot what is required to take an interesting photo out on the streets. That of course implies I have taken an interesting street shot. I think that street style photography is the most difficult photographic style. It has the severity of comedy in that it fails as spectacularly and with as little discussion as it succeeds, just like comedy. Fortunately, to my undying credit, I am a funny, funny guy.
Here are some of my shots. I think they qualify as "Street" in that I was in full view of a street at all times during the capture of these images. In some instances I may have even been standing "on" or "in the middle of" a street to capture the image. I use quotes to indicate that I am using the vernacular for purposes of clarity only. In any case, these are images and they are of the "Street" variety, as far as I'm concerned.
Your Loving Pal,