Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deval Patrick

speaking at the defeat of a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage throughout Massachusetts. The anti-gay marriage amendment itself was not defeated. What was defeated was a proposal by the legislature to have the amendment included on this year's balloting, thereby allowing the electorate the final decision. The majority, however, rarely (never?) preserves equality. Quite a scene.
The opposing groups were physically separated by Beacon Street, with the pro-gay marriage side establishing their presence at the base of the steps leading up to the Capitol building. I guess they were rolling sixes that morning.
The merchant of death holding the megaphone (second pic) was praying for all of our souls across the street. I couldn't quite catch the gist of his prayer - the jubilations of the pro-gay marriage group across the street were not to be outdone by prayer. And prayer, by its very nature, is sort of quiet, contemplative, humble and unsure. Isn't it?
I imagine the thrust of it was that God will prevail. That seemed to be the platform from which they all gathered strength.
The officer was running to assist with the arrest of a soldier of the right. She was getting a bit ornery with the opposition. It was pretty weird how quickly they shut her down. The energy level was pretty high, and I suppose it could have turned into something other than taunts and boasting, general booty shaking and "nah nah nah nah's" if Boston's finest had not been so vigilant. Everything's a tinderbox nowadays. Get the matches in the van.

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