Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boston Derby Dames - HonkFest

I'm starting a documentary project on Roller Derby and have been introduced to the Boston Derby Dames - local derbyists. These are my pics of them at HonkFest.

More Honk Fest - Parade

Taken the day of the huge, HUGE, HonkFest parade. Sort of sad to see all of these free-wheeling geeks actually put together something so polished and entertaining. I hope they still hang out at Redbones and drink PBR's and get free cornbread. Seriously good music, showmanship and overall splendor. I haven't had fun at a parade, ever, I don't think. No longer true, that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Street Light - Davis

More street light photos. A nice brick wall and very sharp shadows made this an interesting location for getting humans in motion.

Street Light - Kenmore

I've been seeking out light channels throughout the city and had some luck finding two, so far - my search has been less than exhaustive.
These are "Head" shots, a la Philip Lorca diCorcia. I've isolated one or two subjects walking out of Kenmore Square towards BU, on Beacon Street just before sunset. The sun blazes down through Kenmore and lights everybody up.
A work in progress.