Monday, March 31, 2008

Littleton, MA

These are four images made in Littleton, MA. Although, the horse lives, I think, closer to Harvard, MA.
A strange world out there. I love it, very green and deep old growth forests pocketed with 200-300 year old town centers built around village greens and churches. I used to train on my bicycle out there.
All sorts of apple orchads, pig farms and horse stables. I believe most of the farms are working farms, but I did notice alot of Benzos pulling into the long drives of those family farms. Who knows?
The boat and VW were parked in front of the Littleton Depot, now defunct but converted into a junkyard/graveyard/resurrection lot for antique ovens.
The commuter rail still flies past the depot - the lines are still active. It's a strange and rare coexistence of an old country lifestyle and a bumping, status-rich concern of downtown Boston, and NYC even, I'd imagine.
Living there seems alright: a farm, a horse, wife, coupla-three kids, ten to twenty cats, twelve pigs, three rusted out Bluebird school buses and a tree fort. What more is necessary, really?

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